50/50 Rules

Every person wishing to become a member of the Friends of Hartland raffle will need to pay an admission fee of $3.00, which will be nonrefundable. Once the membership fee of $3.00 is paid, the new participant will be a member of the Friends of Hartland raffle. With the exception of:

• the death of a member will automatically exclude him/her from the lottery.


1.  The draw will take place every Tuesday at 12:00 noon. Each weekly ticket sales cycle will be cut off at 11:59 Tuesday morning. The 50/50 central server will be reset for the following weeks draw at 12:00.

2.  A single winning ticket will be drawn by hand from the 50/50 ticket barrel. Each draw to be held with an unbiased witness present. Each witness will sign a form listing draw date, prize amount, winning ticket number, winners name and phone number. Any member wishing to assist in the drawing is welcome.

3.  Each winner will be notified by telephone immediately following each draw.

4.  The winning ticket holder will receive HALF the Weekly Total Prize Pot. A cheque will be made out in the name of the winning ticket holder.

5.  To be eligible to win, the member will have to have paid for one ticket for that week. 

6.  The minimum amount of $2.00 will have to be paid by each member no later than 11:45 am on Tuesday morning.

7.  If the winning ballot of a draw belongs to a member that has not paid his weekly $2.00, the prize will be called a non-winner and the amount would then be added to the next weekly draw.

8.  If an error was to happen, only the official dated receipt with the Friends of Hartland Inc. logo will be accepted as proof of account paid.

9.  Members that voluntarily ask to be excluded from the lottery will have to pay the membership fee of $3.00 should they wish to rejoin in the future.

10. If the winning ticket holder is unable to be located, the prize will be held for a period of 6 months. After six months the prize will be forfeited and monies retained by Friends of Hartland Inc.

11. Should there be any failures in the 50/50 Central software or hardware, manual hand written back up tickets will be available at each location for sale. Any manual hand written tickets sold will be entered electronically as soon as the 50/50 Central software/hardware is back up and running.

12. Raffle is open to all residents of New Brunswick.

© Katherine Hann 2021