Disbursement of Proceeds

Our next donation is intended to go to the Central Carleton Community Complex.

October 2020 - $250 donated to Hartland Recreation to support the Halloween Haunted Courtyard

December 2019 - $10,000 was donated to build the Public Washroom facility at the waterfront

December 2019 - $625 was donated to the Central Carleton Nursing Home to assist with their purchase of a new sound system. 

June 2019 - $3,800 was donated to Revitalize Hartland to purchase picnic tables to be placed along the waterfront and in green spaces downtown. 

January 2017 - $500 was gifted to DunRoamin’ Stray & Rescue. NOTE:  Hartland Freshmart won a contest amongst ticket sellers aimed at increasing our 50/50 ticket sales. Their charity of choice was DunRoamin’.

January 2016 - $17,000 was gifted to the Dr. Walter Chestnut Library Building Fund and used for a new Circulation Desk in their 2017 renovation.

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